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Infamous Premium

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sfinktah, Jan 12, 2018 at 10:00 AM.

  1. sfinktah

    sfinktah Developer Staff Member Developer Platinum Premium


    There is currently a small bug that is preventing multiple automated money dropping from working, it will be fixed shortly.
    Also, there may be issues with the finale setup screens being mostly black (this is affecting non-mod users aswell).

    • [fix] 5s no longer appear at the end of text input boxes
    • [fix] added avenger picture (well, an avenger picture)
    • [fix] sped up player-bar

    • [add] tunable list

    • [add] infamous speaks

    • [protex] remote stat events
    • [add] reason for report shown

    • [add] Online: Protection: Ped Clone Protection

    • [fix] Increase Cash Cube size to $2,500

    • [patch] orbital cannon allowed as explosion type

    • [add] Orbital Cannon Protex
    • [fix] not longer causes final heist finale to fail (black-screens during allocation of percentages may still occur)

    • [add] Vehicle: Drifting::Hold in 2nd Gear


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