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Info Infamous Premium

Discussion in 'Changelogs' started by sfinktah, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. sfinktah

    sfinktah Developer Staff Member Developer Platinum Premium

    # Warning

    ### This version include UID and IP faking for Platinum users.

    **We strongly recommend that you avoid using these features, especially UID faking, as they are very powerful, and will cause issues such us: friends not being able to join you in session.**

    # Changelog

    * [platinum] added `Online:: Protection::Fake IP` and `Online:: Protection::Fake UID`
    * Improved Object and Ped Attachment Protection
    * Moved Object Attachment Detection to `Online:: Protection` where it should have been

    * `Ctrl+E` shortcut for engine starting/helicopter spotlight now actually works

    * [fix] occasional crash with Object Attachment Protex.
    * [fix] no longer crashes when using Reset Settings
    * [add] totally clears database settings (not saved skins/cars) when using Reset Settings; restart required after
    * [fix] no longer tries to repeatedly remove un-removable peds when ped saturation protex is enabled

    * [add] added toggles for hotkeys: `Developer: Entity Info (Shift+I)`, `Engine Start/Stop (Ctrl+E)`, `Chat Bot Test (Shift+/)`, `Object Search (Ctrl+/)` (broken), `Global Viewer (Ctrl+PgDn)`, `Resurrect (Shift+[)`
    * [fix] rewrote Shed Attachments (Ctrl+[) hopefully less crashes
    * [add] explode ai enemies should work in cargo missions now
    * [add] teleport to mission objective should cargo missions, green supplies, etc

    * [fix] fixed the crash (Ctrl+[) but have made the whole thing REALLY BARE BONES - weapons won't restore.

    * [improvement] better `Hotkeys::Teleport (Numpad-Del)` for cargo missions
    * [improvement] better `Hotkeys::Kill Enemies (PgUp)` for cargo missions
    * [improvement] air-brake for 3Dconnexion controllers now deploys parachute if ped is dropped

    * `Hotkeys::Teleport (Numpad-Del)` prioritises destinations over cargo, and will place you above your target if there is something in the way.
    * `Hotkeys::Kill Enemies (PgUp)` uses COMBATMG (Peds) and RAILGUN (Vehicles) instead of explosions.

    * [fix] Teleport will no-longer default to somewhere lame if there is no valid destination
    * [fix] Removed "Request Control Failed" status messages

    * [add] Added `Player::Blood Stains - Automatically Clear` toggle
    * [fix] Will no longer delete driver when you TP into a car (if the driver is part of a mission)

    * [fix] Teleport
    * [fix] `Online:: Players`
    * [fix] [needs testing] " Report message not showing players (full) name properly"
    * [fix] [needs testing] Auto-Kill will now explode those pesky crates. https://i.imgur.com/TPHNPxE.jpg
    * [fix] TowTruck working properly again

    * [fix] Tweaked auto-kill and teleport destinations within missions a little bit more
    * [add] 3d esp names shouldn't show godmode if player is indoors

    * [fix] Tweaked teleport a-fucking-gain.

    * [add] [needs testing] vehicle weapons to planes
    * [fix] rainbow paint


    * [add] added `Teleport::Blips`

    * [fix] added green blips to teleport to mission objective list

    * [fix] [needs testing] shouldn't tp you to a "falling through the earth" location anymore... well, apparently it still does, but just try teleporting again. it's usually because you're teleporting to a player that is out of range.

    * [fix] Object Spawner
    * [improvement] Object Spawner now previews and automatically aligns and positions new objects based on where your gun-sight (if you could see it) is pointing.
    * [improvement] Emergency Object & Ped Protect now have a higher threshold, and retain your characters skin if triggered.

    * [fix] object deletion (not clear all object)
    * [fix] spawning of multiple PVs
    * [fix] [needs testing] chat-bot initial cache shouldn't timeout session'

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