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Info Infamous Premium

Discussion in 'Changelogs' started by sfinktah, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. sfinktah

    sfinktah Developer Staff Member Developer Platinum Premium

    # Changelog

    * changed "upgrade vehicle maximum" to pick the second last spoiler, b/c i hate stupidly big spilers. actually, changed it again to pick a random spoiler.
    * fixed random liveries on maxupgrades
    * maybe show a leaving players name (nope)

    * seperated minecraft mode into "freeze" and "align to grid"

    * added 4 directional movement to object placer
    * made the crazy object placer camera optional (defaults to off)
    * included updated inf-config.xml

    * weapon modifiers (totally broken, more broken than before)
    * added: "Send Message", "Send Friend Request" and "View Profile" to Online Players menu.
    * added zillions of test features to Object menu.

    * teleport to player improvements
    * platinum surprise

    * update online playlist in real-time (doesn't work)
    * don't apply extra gravity to places, boats, helicopters, etc
    * make a "walk away from attachments" shortcut Ctrl+[
    * fixed weapon modifiers (mostly)
    * Online Players will automatically spectate as you scroll through player list

    * added option for automatic spectate on player list
    * added check to "block network bail" so that it doesn't stop you changing/leaving sessions

    * teleport to waypoint should bring you car too

    * otr fixed again


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