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Info Infamous Premium

Discussion in 'Changelogs' started by sfinktah, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. sfinktah

    sfinktah Developer Staff Member Developer Platinum Premium




    • fixed: premium user debug text
    • fixed: saved cars don’t spawn with options
    • fixed: added propnames.jxt to archive

    • logs all MPPLY_ cheater stats each time you go online
    • shows all MPPLY_ stats when you show Reports
    • will give warning if reports are requested in SP mode

    • tried a lot of things to make object spawning better

    • added MissionRegister (and unregister) ammo (dev build only)
    • put the various race and stunt props in categories
    • finally got objects to spawn on the map, and stay editable (hurrah!)
    • mixed up the driving style of “attacking insurgents”, now the first will go behind, the second infront, the third and fourth to either side. spawn 5 for the full treatment.
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