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Help About Platinum-Lifetime

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by damnitbenny, Dec 28, 2017.

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  1. damnitbenny

    damnitbenny Community Manager Staff Member Administrator Moderator Platinum Tester


    We have had an overwhelming amount of questions and Support Tickets regarding this topic. Platinum-Lifetime is recommended, and it really should be your first choice. We realize and respect the fact that our customers aren't always with-means and with disposable income. Furthermore, we also respect the fact that nowadays, buying a good cheat for GTA Online can easily be just as expensive (if not, more expensive) than the game itself. If you're going to cheat in GTA Online, though, do it right, and be as safe as possible. Infamous mitigates as much of the risk as possible, and this thread is about Platinum-Lifetime, and what it can do for you.

    Buying Platinum-Lifetime is the same one-time charge for everyone, even if you already have Premium Access.

    There are no retroactive refunds or prorated discounts.

    Again, is that it's still going to be the same one-time charge for everyone. Bearing that in mind...

    We recommend Platinum-Lifetime to everyone, and here is some simple logic and simple math to consider before buying Infamous.
    • One $8M Shark Card is $99.00. One single click or push of a button (Platinum) gives you $10,000,000.00. That's MORE than you'd receive if you bought one Shark Card at 100 bucks out of pocket. (You've already saved the 34.90 EU Lifetime one-time price/charge in doing that.)
    • You can continue to use $10,000,000.00 as much as you want (up to a limit of $500,000,000.00 or so.) This is for safety.
    • You can spend-down any GTA$ you have, and use $10,000,000.00 all over again.
    • This is LIFETIME. You won't ever have to buy a subscription again. You will also never have to be surprised or blind-sided by your subscription running out.
    • There are dozens of menus out there. The ones who we truly compete with, though, who already get hit with bans very frequently, still charge more than Infamous for the same access level.
    • Platinum Offers 2 other unique benefits Premium doesn't have: Fake IP (so malicious modders can't obtain your real one and DoS-attack you,) and Fake UID (which shows either a different profile than yours, or sometimes none at all, when people pull up your Social Club info in GTA Online.)
    This is obviously the recommended Infamous package, and this is obviously well-worth the money. This is some pretty good food for thought, especially when considering the initial purchase, and especially when considering a difference of a couple dollars due to a policy that we've always had in place. If nothing else, our status of Undetected for five consecutive months is unprecedented, and a first in GTA Online modding. No one else can say this except Infamous! ;)
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