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Info About Platinum $50,000,000.00 Money Units

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by damnitbenny, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. damnitbenny

    damnitbenny Community Manager Staff Member Administrator Platinum Tester Premium

    The Platinum $50M/$500M has been confirmed as patched by R*. This is the case with any and all other paid products.

    In the event you have attempted to spawn a $50M cash brick, you will either get an error, or be booted out of the session. This is a Network Bail Event created by R* any time a "big money" transaction is taking place.

    For the time being, simply do not attempt to spawn these units as a safety precaution. We're still undetected and the menu is fine to use, as are the $2,000 standard Premium money units. In the event safety DOES become a concern, we will immediately take the product offline. We will test it, verify it, fix it, and go live once again.

    As always, be sure to check #announcements in Discord. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We'll work it out.

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