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About Money, Protections, and Bugs

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by damnitbenny, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. damnitbenny

    damnitbenny Community Manager Staff Member Administrator Moderator Platinum Tester

    Hi guys,

    We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season. Things are still very busy for Staff at all levels, but we are working hard to give you guys what you paid for, deserve, and want. This is an announcement to simply clarify, expand upon, and re-state some things.

    Money Drops:
    • R* has always targeted money-droppers as a priority. Each content update or DLC brings many new AC obstacles for us, and this one was no different. Give Many Cash Cubes is temporarily removed while we safely get around their checks.
    • Premium and Platinum members can still have unlimited money, you simply have to do it individually for now.
    • The unfortunate, but consistent ebb and flow of modding in GTA brings one recurring issue. Protections. Each and every time we protect our customer base against malicious modders, griefers, and trolls, they will attempt to (and frequently succeed in) getting around our Protections.
    • We are aware of the problem(s,) and are also aware of how it can prevent you from even playing in some cases. Expect adequate coverage against them, as always. It doesn't ever happen as fast as anyone wants, but it will happen.
    • We are aware of the inability to complete the Doomsday Heist (The Doomsday Scenario finale itself.)
    • (See previous announcement about other known issues, up to and including Ammunition types.)


    Feature list:


    New & Existing Infamous Customers: get what you want the first time, get Platinum-Lifetime access!


    As always, feel free to use the Bug Reporting forum area as you see fit, and please continue to offer suggestions on how we can improve. They do count, and we do read them. Again, thanks for your continued loyalty and patience.
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