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Info InfamousV 1.1 Release Date

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by tr0teK, Jan 2, 2017.

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  1. tr0teK

    tr0teK Developer Staff Member Developer

    Dec 7, 2016
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    Happy new year everyone :)
    The release date of the 2nd update will be Saturday the 7th this week.
    Thanks to our testers we were able to fix a lot of bugs.
    I hope you are as excited as we are.

    - Fixed Speed Info in Player Info
    - Fixed Speed Boost
    - Menu I/O and Drawing Improvement
    - Added Reset Mental State to Recovery Presets
    - Increased Max Chars for Name Spoofer from 12 to 16
    - Prepared Premium Features (Premium Build)
    - Fixed Ped Money
    - Fixed Right Side Title Align
    - Fixed Kill AI Enemies
    - Fixed Invisibility
    - Adjusted high jump
    - Fixed Name Spoofer
    - Fixed Spawning Saved Vehicles
    - Fixed Snow in Weather (SP/MP)
    - Added Vehicle Modifiers Sub Menu
    - Added Player Modifiers Sub Menu
    - Added Weapon Modifiers Sub Menu
    - Added new Vehicle Native
    - Added Purchase of Rare Vehicles to Recovery
    - Added Controller Support for Player->Superman
    - Added Delay Adjuster to Ped Money
    - Fixed Minor Issues
    - Fixed Help Text in Object Placement
    - Added Pointer related functions to clean hooking code
    - Tidied up the Show Keyboard function and improved it
    - Improved Ped Component functions
    - Removed some useless WAITS here and there
    - Added a Patch to prevent getting kicked out of Duke'o'Death
    - Added Exception Handlers
    - Added Blip for Spawned Vehicles
    - Fixed Airbrake
    - Fixed Prop Placement
    - Changed format to ScriptMain
    - Fixed Rand Functions
    - Fixed a possible crash on startup
    - Back Key (Numpad0) also opens the menu now if it's not showing
    - Added 3 UI Modes for Airbrake
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