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Info Infamous Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Guidelines' started by Gelox_, Dec 29, 2016.

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  1. Gelox_

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    Dec 7, 2016
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    Welcome to the Infamous Forum Rules

    § 1 Validity of the rules
    • These rules are effective for the whole InfamousCheats.cc website
    • You agree to the rules with your registration
    • If you contravene to any rule the staff can give you any punishment such as Warnings and Bans
    • Staff is allowed to ban without further reason
    • The rules can be changed/edited/extended at any time and act instantly. Due to this, you have to inform yourself about rule updates
    • Ignorance of the law is no excuse
    § 2 Punishments
    • In general, all punishments are in appropriate harshness with an accordingly reason
    • Possible punishments are: Warns & Tempory/Permanent Bans
    § 3 Arrangement of the forums
    • Before you post please use the search bar at the upper right corner and make sure that no thread was already posted about a Bug/Suggestion
    • The Infamous forum is partitioned in several sub-forum, make sure to use the correct one. For example, don't post any questions about modding in Infamous-Support. The staff will move the thread to the correct sub-forum
    • Write threads in an adequate language and grammar and choose a suitable title for it
    • The staff will close threads when there's no need for additional answers
    • When the subject of a thread was clarified the thread creator can request the closure of the thread
    • Threads which are in violation of the rules can be closed or deleted by the staff
    • You're not allowed to push threads if you want the thread to be at the top of the sub-forum
    § 4 Content of the forums
    • Any insult to forum members or staff is forbidden. Any conflict has to be solved objectively
    • Signatures, avatars and smileys shouldn't be overused
    • Do not create posts about the same content or subject (spam). This also counts for profile messages
    • Posthunting is forbidden (create small posts to get a high amount of messages as stat)
    • Inhuman, racist, pornographic or any other inappropriate content is forbidden and results in a ban
    • You're not permitted to spread "Screamers"
    • Threats - serious or not - are forbidden under any circumstances
    • Please don't use CAPS since it decreases legibility
    • Disrespectful and provocative posts are not allowed
    • Don't post anything which has copyright without the permission of the owner
    • Do not mention or link to any website which offers paid software for games. Also don't mention or link to any other hack without permission
    § 5 Accounts
    • You're not allowed to have more than one account
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