Dale Cendali vs Evolve

RELATED: Take-Two is suing over a Grand Theft Auto cheating mod — again Written by Dale Cendali, P.C. To Call Writer Directly: (212) 446-4846 dale.cendali@kirkland.com March 18, 2019 Hon. Edgardo Ramos United States District JudgeSouthern District of New York 40 Foley SquareNew York, NY 10007 Re: Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. v. Does 1-10, No. 1:19 […]

The Rockstar EULA — Why Lawyers NEED Better Spellchecking

After reading many legal arguments that insist a user/player/licensee needs to be copacetic to everything written in every contract they agree to, it warms the cochleas of my heart to see that Rockstar / Take-Two have yet again left another typo in their latest EULA (18 September 2018), this time not even managing to make […]

2018-12-05 – Interlocutory order

This is what was filed with the court, and what ultimately resulted in the Applicants’ deciding to agree to a short-order (that’s where both parties agree on a course of action), and the resultant order mentioned in this terribly biased report by zdnet. https://www.zdnet.com/article/australian-court-awaits-paypal-to-release-funds-of-alleged-gta-v-software-cheat/ By presenting a short-order to the court, the Applicants’ avoided the […]