2018-12-05 – Interlocutory order

This is what was filed with the court, and what ultimately resulted in the Applicants’ deciding to agree to a short-order (that’s where both parties agree on a course of action), and the resultant order mentioned in this terribly biased report by zdnet.

By presenting a short-order to the court, the Applicants’ avoided the risk of the court ruling against them, which would have been super embarrassing in the Public Relations department.

P.S. Here’s a fun game to play… when-ever anything about a cheating/modding legal action (whether positive or negative) is published, take a look a Take-Two’s stock price. Maybe I’m biased, but it seems that every time anything to do with cheats appears in an article, the stock price drops. My theory is that it reminds all the prospective investors who are keen to cash in on RDR2 micro-transactions, that they really jumped the shark the last time they tried.

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Due to simultaneous requests from former employees of Infamous, in response to what we now know were letters of demands from Dale Cendali of Kirkland & Ellis and from Bird & Bird (instructed by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.), Infamous was discontinued on or before 22 March 2018, 15:00 EST.

This deadline was rather poorly planned, as it post-dated the release of GTA 1.43 on 20 March 2018.

As a result, even though the site and all authentication mechanisms were taken down, Infamous users were able to continue to use the product until the release of GTAV 1.44 on 24 July 2018.

That ended the Infamous GTAV product, and unfortunately no amount of wishful thinking or rumor can change that. There are no secret versions of Infamous still in operation.

i agree honestly…damn this was a great menu, stupid millionaire companies hittin small developers just because they make their game playable. Fact is without these menus GTA 5 would have died when they put prices to 10mil for some shit like really? We need people like those whom worked on infamous, the unfortunate circumstances of a rich mans world..


  • the doctrine that an action is right insofar as it promotes happiness, and that the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be the guiding principle of conduct

I’m your successor, in simple native modding. (.asi)
I’ve been with you guys for ever, I don’t know if your close with Offset. or how he’d be able to do what he does. I believe theirs an easy way that no one knows for everything. I’ve been working on my .asi pointlessly at this point. I don’t want this other menu. 3: >-< that is btc. I have not played online since i was banned on christmas by nullify. and since then my subscription/s on null. and 2t1 have been going to a waste.(bought the scandal lolicon) menu. don't understsand how theses type of things go unsaid and unpunished.nwo.
I do what I do. wait for the v3 if it comes. it's waiting an seeing. until then SP is my main thing. I don't understand what goes on behind the scenes besides the usual arguing with lawyers. I'm sure and I hope it goes good. Their needs to be more kindness and love and hapiness in the world, I don't know what r* sees. I wish I knew.
USA's system is so that. -inevitably gonna come to a ww3. and the dark ages. I just think we don't have the time of living for this. It's that or it's known on the unseen world.
Life on meds n low class'rs, i'm one itty loner. it's true I don't like to say or it be known, but I'm changing that, I feel myself changing I'm more open and thinking. things r changing… I feel things. BRCX is probably so tired with my talking today, ever since I came back ohn was allowed meda for now.
Hope all goes well and we all reunite!|!
We are one, we are //Project.\\

No, and this court case was never about being able to bring it back. I fought merely because raiding my house and freezing my funds was an absurd abuse of the legal system that I could not allow to stand.

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