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Infamous Cheats

Undetected GTA Online Mods & Cheats

We're ready if you are...
A new release is being uploaded as I type...

Update: We are still hard at work, we've got a number of strategies we're

pursuing with the help of our #testers and we'll let you know as soon as we have a product that we feel is safe. We're hoping within 24 hours.

You probably already noticed that our auth system is currently taken down by us (15 hours ago). We've received all your infamous logs and currently are in the process of actively fixing and developing a new and undetected version which will put a end to bans for a long time. Our developers work most of the day actively on this now and the rest of the team is giving their best to support you with this. There are some things I want to talk about here.

Down Time and Subscription
As I said we are actively working on fixing this as soon as possible so everyone of you can go back to safely modding GTA V again. We are down since 15 hours only right now. We will double all current premium subscriptions after this issue is resolved.

The premium shop will be closed until we have solved all issues.

Money Options
We know that money/rp options are a very important option for a lot of you people. R* does their best to keep us away from money options and they lately added a lot of new measurements to stop us from using these options. There are two different approaches to this issue. 1) do it like the rest of the community does it and tinker around with the amount and delay. 2) do it the right way and actually bypass the measurements R* implemented. We decided to take option 2 and remove money options as long as we're not done with this. Just know we made some promising...
Rockstar have started banning users who use Cash Deposit or other cash methods.

This release removes those options, and also fixes a number of bugs present in 2.4.9

Please note, if you get banned using a cash method, it does not mean Infamous has been detected - it has not been. You are still safe, as long as you avoid cash methods.

This is yet another part of T2's war against modders.


Upgrade Now!
* Offline Authentication. If our site goes down, your mod will continue to work until the end of your subscription period.
* Reveal OTR players
* See who's voting to kick you
* Removed Add Cash in Player Options (Multiplayer version) as it was triggering bans
* Removed Money Bag Drops

* Teleport your personal vehicle to your position

Download here: click me [edited: points to 2.4.10 now]
You all may know about this topic and for a long time we just watched some of you guys doing it. Things have changed and we put a system in place which will stop this now. If you resell your accounts or start account sharing with other people you will get a warning first and if you don't stop it, all your accounts you have will be permanently banned. Some of you might think we didn't see any account sharing but in fact we were logging any sign of account sharing since day one very effectively and precise. So some of you might want to rethink your actions. Thank you

  • Player Skin (Skins reaching from NPCs to Animals)
  • Modifiers
  • Max Health
  • Wanted Level
  • Freeze Wanted Level
  • Never Wanted
  • Police Ignore You
  • Unlimited Ability
  • Noiseless
  • Invincibility
  • Swim Faster
  • Run Faster
  • Run Like The Wind
  • Super Jump
  • Super Man (Fly)
  • No Ragdoll
  • Invisible
  • Midget Mode - Makes your character smaller
  • Not Invincible in Freemode - No godmode in freemode
  • No Junk Notifications - No more junk notifications on your screen
  • Blood stains- No more blood stains on your character.
  • Spectate
  • Flycam
  • Teleport to
  • Parachute to
  • Set a Waypoint
  • Host Kick (Only works if you are the real host of a session)
  • Set Wanted Level
  • Send Message
  • Send Friend Request
  • View Profile
  • Objects *Object spawner*
  • Particles
  • Shoot At
  • Add Explosion
  • Attackers and Body Guards
  • Ped Attachment
  • Weapons
  • Attacks
  • Copy Skin
  • MONEY(Only appears if you've selected yourself in the player menu)
  • Teleport To Marker
  • Call/Cancel Chauffeur To Marker
  • Teleport To Mission...