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Infamous Cheats

Undetected GTA Online Mods & Cheats

Woops, looks like we left a 2 day expiry time in the last release, so here's a new one, with a few bugs fixed. (Outfits work!)

Check the download section in about 5 minutes...
# Changelog

## 2.4.7

* Keyboard users can now use either SHIFT key to drift
* Quick Launch Online/Multiplayer by pressing SHIFT+INSERT
* Stuck in the clouds? Want to get out of your session really fast? Try CONTROL+SHIFT+DELETE
* Vertical Hover with Flying Boost enabled by engaging Accelerator, Brake, and Boost simultaneously.

This is a beta release. Some things won't work, some things will crash, you will want to whine at us.

But we figured you'd rather have something now, than wait.
Infamous Cheats are currently updating code to support the new GTA update, we expect no longer than 24 hours until this is complete. Status Update: GTA Online 1.40...
Well, it's a security update, so what do you want.

Install it already.

Oh, instant-stop is much better now. That's a change, right?
Security update 2.4.6 has now been released, and all users are encouraged to update immediately.

Infamous is finally back online again with Infamous Premium Version 2.4.5 which is safe to use online again and has a few additional changes. Thanks for your patience and happy modding.