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Infamous Cheats

Undetected GTA Online Mods & Cheats

I have good news folks. The waiting is finally over and our testers tested our new test builds and the results are good.
We will soon release a new version which should keep you safe again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
If you have any questions join our discord or leave me a message. Happy Modding!

Now with less flying cars


Fixed Database Issue
Fixed Error Messages (mostly)
Fixed Some Loading Issues
Fixed issue with finding inf-config.xml
Fixed airbraking while not in vehicle

Boost to be less BOOSTEY.

Rotate vehicle while in air

Download here: https://www.infamouscheats.cc/threads/infamous-premium-2-3-165.561/
This was requested by quite a lot of people and now it's here. You can gift Premium to other Users now by going to "Buy Premium" and selecting the "Gift" Button. If you have any trouble using it feel free to message me here or on Discord.

You can now link Discord to your forums account by pressing the "Chat" button at the top of the screen or by following this link:
Click me!

Additionally it will sync your roles on the discord server if you bought premium.