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Infamous Cheats

Undetected GTA Online Mods & Cheats

# Warning

### This version include UID and IP faking for Platinum users.

**We strongly recommend that you avoid using these features, especially UID faking, as they are very powerful, and will cause issues such us: friends not being able to join you in session.**

# Changelog

* [platinum] added `Online:: Protection::Fake IP` and `Online:: Protection::Fake UID`
* Improved Object and Ped Attachment Protection
* Moved Object Attachment Detection to `Online:: Protection` where it should have been

* `Ctrl+E` shortcut for engine starting/helicopter spotlight now actually works

* [fix] occasional crash with Object Attachment Protex.
* [fix] no longer crashes when using Reset Settings
* [add] totally clears database settings (not saved skins/cars) when using Reset Settings; restart required after
* [fix] no longer tries to repeatedly remove un-removable peds when ped saturation protex is enabled

* [add] added toggles for hotkeys: `Developer: Entity Info (Shift+I)`, `Engine Start/Stop (Ctrl+E)`, `Chat Bot Test (Shift+/)`, `Object Search (Ctrl+/)` (broken), `Global Viewer (Ctrl+PgDn)`, `Resurrect (Shift+[)`
* [fix] rewrote Shed Attachments (Ctrl+[) hopefully less crashes
* [add] explode ai enemies should work in cargo missions now
* [add] teleport to mission objective should cargo missions, green supplies, etc

* [fix] fixed the crash (Ctrl+[) but have made the whole thing REALLY BARE BONES - weapons won't restore.

* [improvement] better `Hotkeys::Teleport (Numpad-Del)` for cargo missions
* [improvement] better `Hotkeys::Kill Enemies (PgUp)` for cargo missions
* [improvement] air-brake for 3Dconnexion controllers now deploys parachute if ped is dropped

* `Hotkeys::Teleport (Numpad-Del)` prioritises destinations over cargo, and will place you above your target if there is something in the way.
* `Hotkeys::Kill Enemies (PgUp)` uses COMBATMG (Peds) and RAILGUN...
  • NEW Online :: Money :: Stealth Deposit $10,000,000 for Platinum Subscribers
  • NEW Weapons :: Vehicle Weapons
  • NEW Vehicle :: Auto-Drive features
  • NEW Vehicle :: Boost settings
  • NEW Vehicle :: Auto-Drive :: Settings :: Form a Road Train
  • NEW Online :: Players :: Set Waypoint
  • NEW Passive Report Protection — PRP
  • NEW Block Invalid Transaction Spam (a total of 21 protections)
  • NEW Vehicle :: Respray :: Remove Crew Emblem
  • NEW Vehicle :: Spawning :: Settings :: Crew Emblem
  • NEW Vehicle :: Spawning :: Settings :: Spawn at Closest Node
  • NEW Hotkeys :: Shed Attachments Ctrl+[
  • NEW Vehicle :: Engine On/Off Toggle, with hotkey Ctrl+E
  • NEW Vehicle :: Settings :: Engine - Keep Running Toggle
  • NEW Helicopter Spotlight, with hotkey Ctrl+E
  • NEW Instant Boost Refills for Oppressor, Vigilante, Voltic2
  • NEW Objects :: Attachment Detection
  • More Anti-Crash protection.
  • More Savable Vehicle :: Modifers Advanced including iGearTopGear and fGearRatio0..7
  • Spectate with the new FlycamOnline :: Players :: Flycam
  • ESP Options Remastered — Online :: Online Settings :: ESP
  • Automatically Go OnlineOnline :: Online Settings
  • Automatically spectate the highlighted player in Online :: Players
  • Vehicle Modifier Advanced Options Added — Vehicle :: Modifiers Advanced
  • Saved Cars list is now alphabetized Vehicle :: Categories ::...
Only download this if you are having issues logging in.

  • Fixed authentication issues with usernames/passwords containing non-alpha characters

Just so everyone is aware, there are a lot of online suspensions occuring even as I post this Announcement.

So far, no Infamous-only user has been affected.

As always, if you co-load other menus with Infamous, or use other menus period... you must be aware that this comes with substantial risk on your part, and we obviously can't help or provide support to anyone who does this. In the event Infamous is affected, we'll immediately take the menu offline and test the problem until it's solved.

Feel free to enjoy Infamous, as it appears to be unaffected for over four months now.

Thanks and stay safe online!
There is a new symptom as of today, and it's one we're all experiencing (including non-Infamous gamers.) When picking up ped cash, or bogus/spawned cash in large amounts, you may get a black screen error. The error forces you into Storymode. It will read as "There has been an error joining a session. Return to GTA V." If you get this message after picking things up,expect to be UNABLE to rejoin GTA Online. You must completely restart your game. Again, this is new, and we're still trying to make sense of it. As always, if safety/security are compromised at all, or we suspect it, we'll go offline.... test / fix it.... then go live again. Thanks for understanding.

NOTE that like many other black-screen errors, this could mean several things. In this instance, we can at least isolate the persistent black-screen error to pickups. Restart the game.