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Infamous Cheats

Undetected GTA Online Mods & Cheats


  • removed blue sphere of happiness
  • made the player bar an option (defaults to off)
  • added automatic ped & object removal (objects menu)
  • added “go online automatically” option (online options)

  • skins will automatically re-apply themselves if you die
  • removed debug information when shooting “Delete Entity” ammunition

  • too busy to write changelogs, now works with 141 update.
# Changelog

* changed "upgrade vehicle maximum" to pick the second last spoiler, b/c i hate stupidly big spilers. actually, changed it again to pick a random spoiler.
* fixed random liveries on maxupgrades
* maybe show a leaving players name (nope)

* seperated minecraft mode into "freeze" and "align to grid"

* added 4 directional movement to object placer
* made the crazy object placer camera optional (defaults to off)
* included updated inf-config.xml

* weapon modifiers (totally broken, more broken than before)
* added: "Send Message", "Send Friend Request" and "View Profile" to Online Players menu.
* added zillions of test features to Object menu.

* teleport to player improvements
* platinum surprise

* update online playlist in real-time (doesn't work)
* don't apply extra gravity to places, boats, helicopters, etc
* make a "walk away from attachments" shortcut Ctrl+[
* fixed weapon modifiers (mostly)
* Online Players will automatically spectate as you scroll through player list

* added option for automatic spectate on player list
* added check to "block network bail" so that it doesn't stop you changing/leaving sessions

* teleport to waypoint should bring you car too

* otr fixed again




  • fixed: premium user debug text
  • fixed: saved cars don’t spawn with options
  • fixed: added propnames.jxt to archive

  • logs all MPPLY_ cheater stats each time you go online
  • shows all MPPLY_ stats when you show Reports
  • will give warning if reports are requested in SP mode

  • tried a lot of things to make object spawning better

  • added MissionRegister (and unregister) ammo (dev build only)
  • put the various race and stunt props in categories
  • finally got objects to spawn on the map, and stay editable (hurrah!)
  • mixed up the driving style of “attacking insurgents”, now the first will go behind, the second infront, the third and fourth to either side. spawn 5 for the full treatment.
The new release is here, in the form of an open beta. Don't worry, it's safe. We've spent weeks testing it.

  • Additional protection against injecting whilst online
  • Made remember_me and auto_login the default options

  • Fixed bug with randInt() that caused random crashes when spawning attackers
  • Added ($) checkpoints to Teleport to Mission Objective
  • Made Objects::Clear All Objects more powerful, hopefully it can remove things attached to you (UFOs, dildos, etc)

  • Added Clear all Vehicle
  • OTR stays active between sessions (requires Miscellaneous::View Extra Transition Information to be enabled)
  • Name Changer works again
  • Added protex to kick people who spam explosions (or that fountain thing that twirls you in the air)
  • No longer stays in drift mode if you change vehicles mid-drift
  • Added protection against being kicked from organisation

  • Money Drop enabled for self (Online Players -> Select own player)
  • A bunch of other stuff.

  • Fixed prop for money-drop not loading
  • Removed some test options
  • Altered spectate a little, but will probably still be broken

  • Made transitionstatus check for valid cashstatus ptr

  • Removed block on CREATE_AMBIENT_PICKUP in production builds
  • Removed duplicate UpdateKeys();

  • Disabled money drop while in car
  • Removed freeze self while spectating
  • Removed auto-kick spamming exploders
  • Added toggle for passive on explosion
  • Fixed SelectFromListMenuItem to update when selection is complete

  • Added auto-kick back (code breaks otherwise) moved to dev menu

  • Changed playerHold while spectating, will TP u back...