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Infamous Cheats

Undetected GTA Online Mods & Cheats

Infamous Customers,

We have been closely tracking and following the bans/suspensions issue since 2.5.3. The final tally or count is less than 8% of Infamous-Only users (not co-loading other menus at all) were affected.

Since then, we have been clean.

The final math to take away from this is:
- Six consecutive months undetected
- One minor detection affecting less than 8% of Infamous Customers
- Current status: Undetected

It is important to remain mindful of one important thing. We have ventured into otherwise unheard of periods of time as an undetected menu. While this may feel like the norm, we are still the ones who are cheating and modding. Modding will always come with inherent and implied risk, but Infamous simply mitigates as much of it as possible.

Edit: Update as of Friday, February 2nd, 2018: There have been considerable amounts of suspensions with other menus and competitor products. Everything is fine with Infamous, but we can't obviously speak for those who co-load. We will keep you informed if things change.

Reminder: Always use the most current version. This is important!
Okay, looks like that was a false alarm on the version being detected. However, you should still upgrade to the version. :)
Here's a test build here aimed at solving the issues with Windows 7.

Give it a go, and let us know if it worked for you via the attached poll, or by replying to this thread.
Windows 7 issues (progress update)

We haven't forgotten about you, it just took us a long time to find a machine old enough to run Windows 7 without needing 93 drivers slip-streamed in, and find an actual DVD drive to boot from. It turns out that ISO to USB Windows Installer Disk makers don't work nearly as well as they used to. Especially Microsoft's. Go figure.

Anyway. We finally have a Windows 7 machine running, a dev environment build, and now we're just waiting for GTA to install.
If you are a Steam user having trouble, check the downloads page for a patch. Please also visit our poll to let us know if it helped.